Data-Centric Solutions with Actionable Insight

At Velocity Global Analytics our goal is to help you leverage your data so it provides your organization with a competitive advantage. Based on your business needs, we develop intuitive and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and data-centric solutions that convert your data into a timely and actionable insights.

Our innovative Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions provide in-depth insight in to critical industry challenges across a variety of verticals such as:

Manufacturing & Retail

improve business continuity, define risk and fraud mitigation procedures, improve employee screening and retention

Finance & Insurance

Detect Fraud and financial crimes, improve federal and local compliance, identify infrastructure deficiencies, due diligence efficiency

Healthcare & Hospitality

Improve workforce screening and employee retention, infrastructure, internal communications, and corporate risk

Education & Higher Learning

Personalize learning, simplify administrative tasks, improve planning efficiencies, improve global learning

What We Do

How will companies organize, interpret, and predict vast amounts of data?

Companies today have an enormous amount of disparate data. Often, this data is stored in a variety of formats and in different locations. When data is mined and organized effectively, it can provide invaluable metrics that provide actionable insight for corporate decision-makers.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we help organizations transform petabytes of structured and unstructured data in to reliable, real-time analytics.

Through advanced machine learning and built-in Artificial Intelligence models, we detect and define data patterns and anomalies to build intuitive systems that help drive your day-to-day business goals.

Using the results of these factors, our end-to-end solutions, frameworks and strategies provide greater data visibility. This transformation of of data, in feature-rich reporting, enables your organization to make informed decisions faster.

Machine Learning

Using vast and disparate data collection algorithms to develop computer models for recognition, detection and organization of written, audio, and visual content. These self-learning algorithms help minimize errors while improving accuracy. The end result is reliable information, fast.

Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent systems that replicate human tasks but more efficiently and much faster, these systems utilize structured and unstructured data to identify both risks and opportunities. The end result is to provide predictive analysis in order to elevate the human decision-making process.


We're leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Make Informed Decisions


Velocity Global Analytics is a company focused on helping organizations quickly and efficiently translate their valuable data in to quantifiable results.

The experts at Velocity Global Analytics develop AI-ready systems that work with your existing data platforms to produce real-time visibility and predictive analytic capabilities. In short, we help make your data work for you, enabling you to make important business decisions faster.

Our team of experts help develop streamlined, deep-learning systems that take advantage of all of your data sources, providing predictive analytics. Decision makers can then use that aggregated data intelligence to anticipate business trends, or identify potential risks before they happen.


  • Assess – Identify needs, gather requirements, prepare a road map.
  • Discover – collect disparate data from all relevant internal and external sources.
  • Analyze – Process, and format raw data. Define correlations and patterns.
  • Model – Develop predictive models/algorithms through experimentation and iteration


Are you ready to take the next step? Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies can help you make more informed decisions faster!